pymrio.parse_oecd(path, year=None)

Parse the OECD ICIO tables

This function works for both, the 2016 and 2018 release. The OECd webpage provides the data as csv files in zip compressed archives. This function works with both, the compressed archives and the unpacked csv files.


I) The original OECD ICIO tables provide some disaggregation of the Mexican and Chinese tables for the interindustry flows. The pymrio parser automatically aggregates these into Chinese And Mexican totals. Thus, the MX1, MX2, .. and CN1, CN2, … entries are aggregated into MEX and CHN.

II) If a given storage folder contains both releases, the datafile must be specified in the ‘path’ parameter.

  • path (str or pathlib.Path) – Either the full path to one specific OECD ICIO file or the path to a storage folder with several OECD files. In the later case, a specific year needs to be specified.
  • year (str or int, optional) – Year to parse if ‘path’ is given as a folder. If path points to a specific file, this parameter is not used.

Return type:


  • ParserError – If the file to parse could not be definitely identified.
  • FileNotFoundError – If the specified data file could not be found.