pymrio.parse_eora26(path, year=None, price='bp', country_names='eora')

Parse the Eora26 database


This parser deletes the statistical discrepancy columns from the parsed Eora system (reports the amount of loss in the meta records).

Eora does not provide any information on the unit of the monetary values. Based on personal communication the unit is set to Mill USD manually.

  • path (string or pathlib.Path) – Path to the Eora raw storage folder or a specific eora zip file to parse. There are several options to specify the data for parsing:
    1. Pass the name of Eora zip file. In this case the parameters ‘year’ and ‘price’ will not be used
    2. Pass a folder which either contains Eora zip files or unpacked Eora data. In that case, a year must be given
    3. Pass a folder which contains subfolders in the format ‘YYYY’, e.g. ‘1998’ This subfolder can either contain an Eora zip file or an unpacked Eora system
  • year (int or str) – 4 digit year spec. This will not be used if a zip file is specified in ‘path’
  • price (str, optional) – ‘bp’ or ‘pp’
  • country_names (str, optional) – Which country names to use: ‘eora’ = Eora flavoured ISO 3 varian ‘full’ = Full country names as provided by Eora Passing the first letter suffice.