, table_format='txt', sep='\t', table_ext=None, float_format='%.12g')

Saving the system to path

  • path (pathlib.Path or string) – path for the saved data (will be created if necessary, data within will be overwritten).

  • table_format (string) –

    Format to save the DataFrames:

    • ‘pkl’ : Binary pickle files,
      alias: ‘pickle’, ‘bin’, ‘binary’
    • ‘txt’ : Text files (default), alias: ‘text’, ‘csv’
  • table_ext (string, optional) – File extension, default depends on table_format(.pkl for pickle, .txt for text)

  • sep (string, optional) – Field delimiter for the output file, only for txt files. Default: tab (‘ ‘)

  • float_format (string, optional) – Format for saving the DataFrames, default = ‘%.12g’, only for txt files