pymrio.download_wiod2013(storage_folder, years=None, overwrite_existing=False, satellite_urls=['', '', '', '', '', '', '', ''])

Downloads the 2013 wiod release


Currently, pymrio only works with the 2013 release of the wiod tables. The more recent 2016 release so far (October 2017) lacks the environmental and social extensions.

Parameters:storage_folder (str, valid path) – Location to store the download, folder will be created if not existing. If the file is already present in the folder, the download of the specific file will be skipped.
years: list of int or str, optional
If years is given only downloads the specific years. This only applies to the IO tables because extensions are stored by country and not per year. The years can be given in 2 or 4 digits.
overwrite_existing: boolean, optional
If False, skip download of file already existing in the storage folder (default). Set to True to replace files.
satellite_urls : list of str (urls), optional
Which satellite accounts to download. Default: satellite urls defined in WIOD_CONFIG - list of all available urls Remove items from this list to only download a subset of extensions
Return type:Meta data of the downloaded MRIOs