pymrio.download_exiobase3(storage_folder, years=None, system=None, overwrite_existing=False, doi='10.5281/zenodo.3583070')

Downloads EXIOBASE 3 files from Zenodo

Since version 3.7 EXIOBASE gets published on the Zenodo scientific data repository. This function download the lastest available version from Zenodo, for previous version the corresponding DOI (parameter ‘doi’) needs to specified.

Version 3.7: 10.5281/zenodo.3583071 Version 3.8: 10.5281/zenodo.4277368

Parameters:storage_folder (str, valid path) – Location to store the download, folder will be created if not existing. If the file is already present in the folder, the download of the specific file will be skipped.
years: list of int or str, optional
If years is given only downloads the specific years (be default all years will be downloaded). Years must be given in 4 digits.
system: string or list of strings, optional
‘pxp’: download product by product classification ‘ixi’: download industry by industry classification [‘ixi’, ‘pxp’] or None (default): download both classifications
overwrite_existing: boolean, optional
If False, skip download of file already existing in the storage folder (default). Set to True to replace files.
doi: string, optional.
The EXIOBASE DOI to be downloaded. By default that resolves to the DOI citing the latest available version. For the previous DOI see the block ‘Versions’ on the right hand side of
Return type:Meta data of the downloaded MRIOs