pymrio.download_oecd(storage_folder, version='v2018', years=None, overwrite_existing=False)

Downloads the OECD ICIO tables

  • storage_folder (str, valid path) – Location to store the download, folder will be created if not existing. If the file is already present in the folder, the download of the specific file will be skipped.
  • version (string or int, optional) – Two versions of the ICIO OECD tables are currently availabe: Version >v2016<: based on >SNA93< / >ISIC Rev.3< Version >v2018<: based on >SNA08< / >ISIC Rev.4< (default) Pass any of the identifiers between >< to specifiy the version to be downloaded.
  • years (list of int (4 digit) or str, optional) – If years is given only downloads the specific years.
  • overwrite_existing (boolean, optional) – If False, skip download of file already existing in the storage folder (default). Set to True to replace files.

Return type:

Meta data of the downloaded MRIOs