pymrio.load(path, include_core=True, path_in_arc='')

Loads a IOSystem or Extension previously saved with pymrio

This function can be used to load a IOSystem or Extension specified in a metadata file (as defined in DEFAULT_FILE_NAMES[‘filepara’]: metadata.json)

DataFrames (tables) are loaded from text or binary pickle files. For the latter, the extension .pkl or .pickle is assumed, in all other case the tables are assumed to be in .txt format.

  • path (pathlib.Path or string) – Path or path with para file name for the data to load. This must either point to the directory containing the uncompressed data or the location of a compressed zip file with the data. In the later case the parameter ‘path_in_arc’ need to be specific to further indicate the location of the data in the compressed file.
  • include_core (boolean, optional) – If False the load method does not include A, L and Z matrix. This significantly reduces the required memory if the purpose is only to analyse the results calculated beforehand.
  • path_in_arc (string, optional) – Path to the data in the zip file (where the fileparameters file is located). path_in_arc must be given without leading dot and slash; thus to point to the data in the root of the compressed file pass ‘’, for data in e.g. the folder ‘emissions’ pass ‘emissions/’. Only used if parameter ‘path’ points to an compressed zip file.

  • IOSystem or Extension class depending on systemtype in the json file
  • None in case of errors