pymrio.calc_accounts(S, L, Y, nr_sectors)

Calculate sector specific cba and pba based accounts, imp and exp accounts

The total industry output x for the calculation is recalculated from L and y

  • L (pandas.DataFrame) – Leontief input output table L
  • S (pandas.DataFrame) – Direct impact coefficients
  • Y (pandas.DataFrame) – Final demand: aggregated across categories or just one category, one column per country
  • nr_sectors (int) – Number of sectors in the MRIO

(D_cba, D_pba, D_imp, D_exp)

Format: D_row x L_col (=nr_countries*nr_sectors)

  • D_cba Footprint per sector and country
  • D_pba Total factur use per sector and country
  • D_imp Total global factor use to satisfy total final demand in
    the country per sector
  • D_exp Total factor use in one country to satisfy final demand
    in all other countries (per sector)

Return type: