IOSystem.report_accounts(path, per_region=True, per_capita=False, pic_size=1000, format='rst', **kwargs)

Generates a report to the given path for all extension

This method calls .report_accounts for all extensions


This looks prettier with the seaborn module (import seaborn before calling this method)

  • path (string) – Root path for the report
  • per_region (boolean, optional) – If true, reports the accounts per region
  • per_capita (boolean, optional) – If true, reports the accounts per capita If per_capita and per_region are False, nothing will be done
  • pic_size (int, optional) – size for the figures in px, 1000 by default
  • format (string, optional) – file format of the report: ‘rst’(default), ‘html’, ‘latex’, … except for rst all depend on the module docutils (all writer_name from docutils can be used as format)
  • ffname (string, optional) – root file name (without extension, per_capita or per_region will be attached) and folder names If None gets passed (default), with be modified to get a valid name for the operation system without blanks
  • **kwargs (key word arguments, optional) – This will be passed directly to the pd.DataFrame.plot method (through the self.plot_account method)