Extension.diag_stressor(stressor, name=None, _meta=None)

Diagonalize one row of the stressor matrix for a flow analysis.

This method takes one row of the F matrix and diagonalize to the full region/sector format. Footprints calculation based on this matrix show the flow of embodied stressors from the source region/sector (row index) to the final consumer (column index).


Since the type of analysis based on the disaggregated matrix is based on flows, direct household emissions (F_Y) are not included.

  • stressor (str or int - valid index for one row of the F matrix) – This must be a tuple for a multiindex, a string otherwise. The stressor to diagonalize.
  • name (string (optional)) – The new name for the extension, if None (default): string based on the given stressor (row name)
  • _meta (MRIOMetaData, optional) – Metadata handler for logging, optional. Internal

Return type: