Extension.calc_system(x, Y, Y_agg=None, L=None, population=None)

Calculates the missing part of the extension plus accounts

This method allows to specify an aggregated Y_agg for the account calculation (see Y_agg below). However, the full Y needs to be specified for the calculation of F_Y or S_Y.


  • for each sector and country:
    S, S_Y (if F_Y available), M, D_cba, D_pba_sector, D_imp_sector, D_exp_sector
  • for each region:
    D_cba_reg, D_pba_reg, D_imp_reg, D_exp_reg,
  • for each region (if population vector is given):
    D_cba_cap, D_pba_cap, D_imp_cap, D_exp_cap


Only attributes which are not None are recalculated (for D_* this is checked for each group (reg, cap, and w/o appendix)).

  • x (pandas.DataFrame or numpy.array) – Industry output column vector
  • Y (pandas.DataFrame or numpy.arry) – Full final demand array
  • Y_agg (pandas.DataFrame or np.array, optional) – The final demand aggregated (one category per country). Can be used to restrict the calculation of CBA of a specific category (e.g. households). Default: y is aggregated over all categories
  • L (pandas.DataFrame or numpy.array, optional) – Leontief input output table L. If this is not given, the method recalculates M based on D_cba (must be present in the extension).
  • population (pandas.DataFrame or np.array, optional) – Row vector with population per region